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"I wrote the book as a self-study book for learners of English from anywhere in the world... a book that people could use on their own outside the classroom" Raymond Murphy










“One of the main reasons I became an English teacher was to show other children that no matter how difficult it may seem at first, you can always achieve much when you try. Grammar in Use has been my life-long companion ever since, and I totally recommend both as a student and now as a teacher.”

Sofia Salta

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

“Many people tend to ask me if I have lived abroad because of my very good English speaking, but they didn't know that my secret was my Grammar in Use book in my locker.”

Akosim Samuel Victor

LUMSA Africa

“I literally stole the book from my husband's bookcase and fell in love "with both" immediately…”

Luciana Ridolfi

Università Politecnica delle Marche Ancon

“Grammar in Use has helped me for about 20 years: firstly - with the learning of English (it was my reference book while studying at university), now - with the teaching of it and preparing students for the State Exam. The design of this book has been changing and it's getting better and better to satisfy today's teachers' and students' needs...Grammar in Use is a really excellent book.”

Galina Yakovleva

Saint Petersburg High school

“It has taught me a lot, and it has also improved my teaching as well as my knowledge!!! I have recommended it to many students and teachers...Happy Birthday Grammar in Use! cheers on your anniversary celebrated by many, many teachers all around the world!”

Carmen Vicente

Private teacher

“Grammar in Use is an excellent book. It shapes my lesson plan on daily basis. The students love it. They find the explanations to be clear and concise, and the exercises authentic. As a learner and a teacher of English, this series has made my life easier”

Abdulfattah Dukki

Antalya International University

“I find the colourful images and the step by step approach with practice and answers in lovely bite sized units a delight to work with.”

Caz Sano

TAFE Queensland

“This book made me fall in love with English grammar when I was just in high school. I would spend my free time going through the units…now being a teacher I don't know what I'd do without Murphy Red (which is what we call it)! It's simple, easy to understand, logically composed and so many other things!”


“The Blue Murphy (as we call the book in Russia) has literally saved my life on different occasions. Once it shielded me from a rubber bullet on my way home from the Uni. Thanks!!!”

Alexander Zabolotsky


“I think that these books are a wonderful tool for practising grammar while doing exercises. You can easily focus on your weaknesses and check any area you need to improve the most.”

Julieta Cavaglia


"The book itself is the teacher. With this book, I don't really need an actual person to help me get through grammar. I could do it all by myself!"

Kanchana Thina Khounviset

Kiettisack International School